The 19th Metal + Metallurgy China 2021 lunched three consecutive days of exhibition from 26th to 28th May, 2021 in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). TEMC Metal & Chemical Corporation also participated this exhibition in booth 1D09 at International Hall led by Mrs. Shen-min, Vice President, and TEMC team.

This year TEMC presented the concept of Green Foundry to elaborate our vision to supply eco-friendly foundry consumable materials to foundry industry. Green foundry concept aims to create a joyful, and clean working foundry environment. It is also worth mentioning that the leaders of China Foundry Association and and Jiangsu Province Foundry Association also visited our booth to acknowledge our Green Foundry concept and Green & eco-friendly products supplied by TEMC. TEMC was also awarded “The Most Attractive Exhibitor” in this 2021 Expo.

Green environment protection is the goal of industries across the world, TEMC is also committed the research and innovation for green foundry products. TEMC presented a series of innovative green foundry materials/ products and casting flow simulation during the exhibition to share our knowledge to foundry industry for a better foundry world.

  • Green Riser Sleeves

Riser sleeves made by bio-soluble fiber material, and high efficient & low fluorine riser sleeves that not only reduce energy cost , lower casting defect rates during casting manufacturing significantly, they also provide a better working environment for workers. Furthermore, TEMC also presented low fume exothermic feeding compound that extends solidification duration of feeders to customers.

  • Easy-blended powder coating

Flammable methanol storage is a major safety issue for sand mold foundries. TEMC offers two solutions, 1) Easy-blended power refractory coating, 2) Water base and quick dry coating. Blending coating with water on-site by TEMC-designed coating mixer, it not only provides the fresh refractory coating for daily consumption, but also avoids possible explosive danger results from the storage and transportation of flammable soluble agent.

  • Inorganic core adhesive binder

Inorganic sand core adhesive binder is another innovative green foundry consumable product by TEMC, it reduces the irritating odour while molding process, creating a better working environment.

  • SOLIDCast+FLOWCast simulation software

Modern foundry no longer requires a physical and costly pattern to examine whether the current design of the gating system works or not. A SOLIDCast simulation software is the only thing needed. The operation of SOLIDCast is very easy, with simple computer operation, pouring simulation achieved. With Smart Gating Design Wizard, gating system, riser sleeve are suggested accordingly to optimize gating system design. This not only shortens deliver lead time, but also enhances casting yield rate. No doubt a tool for better profit to foundries.