TEMC Has Been a Part of the Foundry Industry for More Than 30 Years

The Spirit of TEMC is Derived from Terms “Technology, Engineering, Material and Corporation”.

TEMC is a leader on metallurgical chemical suppliers in the world, and we aim to bring high quality products and integrity services to foundry industry.

We awarded ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 to guarantee product quality and environmental friendly care.

Why us?

30+ Years Experience

30+ years of foundry experience, we know what is good castings and how to achieve it.


Great technical support to help customers defeat any casting defects.


Environmental friendly and sustainable productions for future generations.

Our Main Products

Iron Casting

Fiber Sleeve & Mini Riser / Anti-Piping Compounds / Graphite Base Coating / EPC Coating / Grpahite Base Coating …

Steel Casting

Riser Sleeve (Boards) / Anti-Piping Compounds / Zircon Base Coating / MgO Coating For Hi-Mn / EPC Coating / Core Adhesives …

Aluminum Casting

Riser Sleeve / Anti-Piping Compounds / Tap Out Cone / Drossing Flux / Degassing Flux / Washing Flux / De-Magnesium Agent …

Copper Casting

Riser Sleeve / Anti-Piping Compounds / Coating For Metal Mold / Covering Agent For AL Bronze / Covering Agent For Brass …

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