Mr. Doug Kurkul, Executive Director of American Foundry Association, was Invited to Taiwan the Current Situation of American Foundry Industry and The Prospect of Global Foundry Market

Since 2017, two representatives of TEMC Metal & Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhang Yonghua, vice chairman and German market consultant Mr. Uetz Gunter went to Milwaukee to participate in the annual meeting and technical paper published by the American Foundry Society, TEMC has maintained a good communication with Mr. Doug Kurkul, CEO of the American Foundry Society, and hopes to cast in Taiwan The Taiwan Foundation society can further cooperate with it to provide better business opportunities and platforms for its members.

At this year’s annual meeting of Taiwan foundry society, F.K. Chang, chairman of TEMC, invited Mr. Doug Kurkul to visit Taiwan’s major foundry factories. At the annual meeting, he published a discussion on “the current situation of American foundry industry and the outlook of global foundry market”. He mentioned that although the global economy is not optimistic this year, Europe and China are also in recession, but the American foundry industry this year Although the overall performance is not as good as last year, it is still outstanding. Therefore, in the face of the coming 2020, I believe that we can still maintain the same level and continue to have a bright report card. In the past, most of Taiwan’s foundry export markets were concentrated in Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia, and few of them went to the U.S. market. Therefore, Mr. Doug Kurkul sincerely invited Taiwan foundry to join us in the grand exhibition held by AFS in Cleveland next April, and signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) between Taiwan and the U.S. to jointly open a foundry industry for both sides Create new opportunities in the market.