Advanced technology from North America to lead Taiwan foundry into industry 4.0 for next peak

Forth industrial revolution, what is so called Industry 4.0 is on process globally, and automatic production cannot be fulfilled the needs for the next generation, smart factory is desirable. 2021 CTMS Automatic Machinery Exhibition in Taichung was launched at Taichung International Exhibition Center from 10th to 13th December, 2021. The exhibition presented the most advanced production tools, it is expected to bring the concept of the Smart Factory to Taiwan machinery industry and machining tool companies for a high efficient production way. TEMC as a pioneer of foundry industry supplier in Taiwan and also as the exclusive Palmer Manufacturing & Supply representative in Taiwan, TEMC presented the future of the no-bake molding system, MM-series of Molding Machines, a new revolutionary line.

PALMER Manufacturing & Supply is the number one foundry machine manufacturer in North America, as the exclusive representative in Taiwan, TEMC presented first time four stations FMM (Flip-Molding Machine) and two stations UMM (Universal Molding Machine) for high speed molding process to no-bake system. By adapting patterns on fixture tool, the machine is easily to complete molding, mold rotation, and striping off molds automatically. Modularized design saves excessive labour burden and avoids the uses of heavy machine during the operation. With only ONE person, maximum 40 molds/hr production rate is achievable.

PALMER’s four-station FMM and two-station UMM are designed for small size of casting (casting weight< 100kgs) which was made by jolt machine mainly in Taiwan. Low casting weight, diverse shapes, but with only small quantity needs are the features, such as motor plates, covers, bearing sets used in machining tools, are highly suitable to transfer to MM-series molding system.

Industry 4.0 concept is swept globally, it is necessary to move the factory to the next level by upgrading current industry technology with big data, A.I., automatic machine to build a smart factory. TEMC sees the needs and confusion of foundry customers, we uphold the principal of “We Are Family” to provide our laboratory services to Taiwan foundries, and also gather current most advanced foundry technology, machines, solution to our valuable customers. We hold our hand to hand with our customers to embrace next generation of digital world to seek for a sustainable operation future.